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Who can use an electric bike?

Anyone over the age of 14.  UK law doesn't allow anyone under 14 to ride and electric bike. We can provide mountain bikes for younger cyclists.

Families - perfect opportunity for parents and teenagers to bond whilst cycling in beautiful countryside. We think it ticks a lot of boxes. Or if you have smaller children, we have mountain bikes, tag-a-longs and trailers to hire as well.

Couples where one partner doesn't cycle as much as the other and needs a confidence (and a power) boost. You will find that cycling together is a real pleasure on e-bikes.

New parents who are craving exercise and fresh air - put the baby in a buggy and tow it behind the e-bike, easy!

Wine and beer enthusiasts - cycle our Vineyard Route and take in a tour and tasting at an award winning estate during your day out. Or call in at the local brewery, learn about the brewing process and sample some Kentish ale.

Hen or Stag do healthy option, loads of fun, excellent group activity, especially when some are more experienced cyclists than others. Visit vineyards and breweries along the route if that appeals. Or take a fabulous picnic in the bike panniers.

Corporate groups - perfect for a range of cycling abilities as our e-bikes have different power modes. Tremendous team-building activity, huge array of places to visit on the route and map-reading skills required.

Those who just wouldn't risk going out for a long cycle as they worry that they might get tired halfway through the ride. E-bikes give you the courage to get out and about with the certainty that you won't run out of puff.